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Room Thermometer KT-908
Room Thermometer KT-908
Room Thermometer KT-908
Room Thermometer KT-908
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Room Thermometer KT-908

₹435.42 ₹999
Length 18cm
Width 7cm
Height 7cm
Weight 100gm
HSN Code 90251190

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This is Dr care Thermometer great, branded new indoor & outdoor thermometer hygrometer combination.This product has the following key features: high stability & accuracy, low power consumption, multi-function, large LCD display. It can truly reflect the situation of environment around. Features: Display temperature , humidity and time at the same time Sampling measures at random Memory of MAX&MIN measuring value 12/24-hour system optional °C/°F temperature unit selectable Alarm clock Calendar function .

  • It can also be used for science projects or terrariums.
  • It can easily be routed through a window frame to measure outdoor conditions.
  • The outdoor sensor comes on an about 6 ft (1.8m) long, thin wire.
    • Recording MAX/MIN temperature and humidity.
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