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Vein Finder Device

  • Enhanced Visibility Provides Much Clearer Vein Visibility
  • Adult Vein Finder For Obese, Dehydrated, Low Bp, High Trauma And Emergency Us
  • Vein-see leds which do not have IR anr UV radiation and there is no any side effect so it is very safe for all age of patient
  • Illumination3 - difference intensity modes works on all age patients works on dark and light skin tones
  • USB charging port & charging indication,Diamond finish ABS material

MCP Healthcare Vein Finder for Adult and Child MCP Healthcare Vein Finder is the best vein finder for vein access for all patient's skin types, sizes,s, and ages. Not only does it find your veins it helps access them resulting in a one-stick success. New & portable handheld pocket trans illuminator vein finder device 3 IN ONE extremely useful for Infant ( newborn) Paediatric & Adult. The useful device at times of difficult situations where vein access becomes a challenge. Can help or assist in the detection of the desired vein and highlight vein bifurcation. This device can be used in various specialties like ANAESTHETIC, PAEDIATRIC, ONCOLOGY, NURSING Homes, PATHOLOGY LABS, Nephrology BLOOD BANK, OPERATION THEATRE, ICU, NICU ETC where phlebotomy / I V calculation & blood collection is needed on an urgent basis. Application 1. Adults/Children 2. A number of LEDs 8 3. Color of LEDs Orange (4) + Red (4) 4. Device Color black 5. A number of Switches 1 Device turn on/off 6. Ring Diameter (mm) 21 7. Rechargeable Battery 3.7V 8. Battery Charger: 240 volts AC input 9. Practices approved 10. Weight 60 gram 11. 5 volts DC-output Dimensions: L x B XH 110 x 60 x 13 12. APPLICATION --96% Accuracy 13. Obese/Dark skin patients. 14. Agitated & restless patients. 15. Thalassemia patients. 16. Hemophilia patients. 17. Renal failure patients. 18. Multiorgan failure patients. 19. Carcinoma patients. 20. Geriatrics patients 21. Pediatric patients

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