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Stature Meter Height Tall Measure Measuring Tape

  • Easily measure adults and children at home, office, clinic, etc.
  • There's a double-faced adhesive tape on the back and comes with 2 screws for firm mounting
  • You can read the height easily and directly
  • Up to 2m length tape, suitable for most people's measuring. It does not measure in feets or inches
  • Make the height measuring spend less labor and time

MCP 2m/200CM Roll Ruler Wall Mounted Growth Stature Meter Height Tall Measure Measuring Tape (not feet/inches)Easily measure adult and child from home, office, or clinic. Very easy to install; comes with a placement box to create an outline.

Installation instructions: 1. Place the stadiometer on the floor against the wall. 2. Pull the tape measure up far enough for the zero to line up exactly with the red stripe in the measurement display area. Then mark the drill hole site on the wall on the upper part of the attachment hole. 3. Attach the end of the tape measure to the wall using the screw supplied.

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