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Electric Heating Pad for Knee pain relief | Ideal For Knee,

  • FOR KNEE, ANKLE,   AND ELBOW - Kneestrap is specifically designed for the knee, ankle & elbow to provide quick pain relief. The product takes the shape of the joint & provides faster pain relief. KneeStrap uses advanced carbon heating materials to ensure uniform warmth to the affected area for maximum and instant pain relief.
  • IDEAL FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE WITH CHRONIC PAIN: Recommended for elderly people with chronic knee pain and joint pain: Arthritic pain can be relieved by 30-60 minutes of heat therapy. Kneestrap uses Far Infrared Heat which penetrates deeper and helps relieve pain, improves recovery and healing by improving blood flow to the targeted area
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFE USE: Kneestrap is uniquely designed with a step-down 12V Safety DC Adaptor, which makes it much safer to use than a traditional electric heating pad that uses 220V power. Kneestrap has 3 adjustable heating modes - low, medium & high which can be easily adjusted as per your requirement.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, FLEXIBLE & EASY TO CARRY: Made with advanced, durable, lightweight stretch velcro fabric. Light and easy to fold and carry - Can fit into a purse or a handbag.

The MCP Medicare knee brace with dual side stabilizers delivers reliable stability so you can stay active with the ones you care about. Whether you've a weekly gym meet-up with your best friend or going for an evening walk, our knee brace hugs your knee with comfortable compression to stabilize your weak or sore muscles and joints. Adjustable features offer the perfect fit. Provides stabilizing compression to weak, sore muscles and joints Dual side stabilizers for lateral support Comfort-sleeve holds brace in place, making it easier to put on and adjust Soft, neoprene-blend material is breathable to help keep you cooler and drier Designed to fit the contours of your knee Adjustable straps for customizable support Flexible design allows a full range of motion Easy-to-use, convenient design can be worn on either knee, three sizes fit most. You want the brace to fit snugly in order to get the benefits of compression, but you do not want it so tight that it starts to restrict blood flow. If it is uncomfortable, it is probably too tight. Each product has a sizing guide on the package to help you determine the best product fit for you. Can be used for running, walking, gym, exercise, sports, basketball, hiking among others but mainly for pain relief and injury protection.

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