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Dr Care YP-620 Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor - Talking BP Meter


Product Description Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (Upper Arm) 1.Applying the arm cuff 1.extend the cuff loop and put your arm through the cuff loop 2. Position the cuff on upper arm and position the air tube at side your arm. 3. The bottom edge of the cuff should be 2to 3 cm above the elbow. 4.wrap the cuff tightly and close the fabric fastener firmly. Keep a finger gap between cuff and arm. 5. Insert the cuff air tube plug to the left air jack on the monitor firmly to the bottom 2.Taking Measurement 1. in shutdown or standby mode , press (start/stop) to turn the monitor on. it will automatically start the measuring.cuff will start to inflate automatically. *

 During inflation, the monitor also deducts the pulse rate. therefore, do not move your arm during the whole course and keep still until the measurement is complete.it is normal the arm feels pressured during the inflation. if it appears error message please refer to page 10. 2. it automatically stops when inflation is complete, and then starts detecting the pulse rate. After the measurement is done, the monitor displays your blood pressure value and pulse rate 3. after the measurement, take the cuff off and press the ( start/ stop ) button manually turn the monitor off. without any operation, the monitor will shut down in 30 seconds.

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