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Digital Temperature & Humidity thermometer for

  • Recording MAX/MIN temperature and humidity.
  • Clock and date automatic exchanging function.
  • With a back stand and a hanging hole at the backside.
  • Large LCD display simultaneously showing indoor outdoor temperature and indoor humidity.
  • Install an outdoor temperature sensor, automatically displays indoor and outdoor temperature alternately in 5 seconds.

This is a great, brand-new indoor/outdoor thermometer hygrometer combination. -The outdoor sensor comes on an about 6 ft (1. 8M) long, thin wire. -It can easily be routed through a window frame to measure outdoor conditions. It-Great to make sure you set your air conditioner to a comfortable temperature. -It can also be used for science projects or terrariums. Specifications: large LCD display simultaneously showing indoor and outdoor temperature indoor humidity recording max/min temperature and humidity value automatically selectable temperature unit: centigrade or Fahrenheit with back stand and a hanging hole at backside temperature range: color: as the picture show indoor: 14. 0 To 122. 0 Fahrenheit / -10. 0 To 50. 0 Outdoor: -58. 0 To 158. 0 Fahrenheit/ -50. 0 To 70. 0 Centigrade resolution: 0. 1 Centigrade / 0. 1 Fahrenheit accuracy: +/- 2fahrenheit or +/- 1. 0 Centigrade humidity range: 20 percent to 99 percent +/- 5 percent relative humidity accuracy: +/-5 percent (for the 40 - 80 percent range) memory: min/max for indoor and outdoor temperature dimensions: 91×58×16mm clear display for easy reading battery: 1 x 1. 5 volt button battery (included) function: indoor temperature / outdoor temperature / humidity display centigrade / Fahrenheit temperature display highest / lowest temperature humidity memory function 12/24 hour clock display, can automatically display the date of 5s daily alarm clock function calendar display function week display automatic time / date display automatic display of indoor and outdoor temperature, 5s automatic interchange display package included: 1 x digital thermometer

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