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Coccyx Tail Bone Support

  • Coccyx Cushion Foam provides incredible sitting comfort when placed on your chair, bench, car seat, plane seat, floor, or wheelchair, etc. It helps to eliminate the feeling of pain or numbness while sitting for long periods of time and is the perfect Padding or Extra cushioning solution for uncomfortable office chairs or hard surfaces like wooden chairs. ErgonomicallyTapper. Enables painless sitting without direct pressure on the episiotomy stitches, hemorrhoid or inflamed coccyx Long Life

 Coccyx Cushion Is Ergonomically Designed, Works Effectively By Providing Maximum Support While Reducing Direct Pressure On The Tailbone. This Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion Is Made With Premium Quality Foam That Reacts Fast To Provide Instant Relief And Comfort. U -Cut Designed To Eliminate Patient Contact In The Coccyx Area Of The Body. Provides Excellent Support And Comfort When Used In Wheelchairs Or On Top Of Other Chairs. Removable, Hand Washable Velvet Cover With carrying Strip.

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