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₹246.4 ₹699
Length 14
Width 12
Height 10
Weight 300 gm
Color Purple
HSN Code 90189099

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DR.CARE Vaporizer Sleek ALL-IN-ONE, for healthy skin and soft, smooth, Glowing and Beautiful Skin with Special Attachment for quick relief from common cold, cough and throat Irritation and soft glowing beautiful skin, Large facial attachment for general steam Inhalation. Facial attachment for the most natural way to beautiful skin, steam dislodges skin impurities and dist leading to a clean and fair completion. It has Auto Low water cut off. Feature and easy to use Sleek Vaporizer also it is a facial sauna steamer. To be used always Adult supervision and keep the unit straight while using vaporizer sleek. Switch off and remove plug after use and don’t add salt in water.

Key Features:- 

⦁ For indoor use only
⦁ Keep the unit straight while using.
⦁ Never leave the unit unattended with kids even when switched of, to prevent hot, water burn injuries.
⦁ Please use Tap Water only, as hard water will produce less steam and will also reduce elements life.
⦁ Always hold the wire form plug, never pull the wire to remove plug from wall outlet.
⦁ Keep the units dry when switched off to avoid risk of electric shock.

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