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Dual Head Stethoscope Adult
Dual Head Stethoscope Adult
Dual Head Stethoscope Adult
Dual Head Stethoscope Adult
Dual Head Stethoscope Adult
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Dual Head Stethoscope Adult

₹390.88 ₹999
Length 30
Width 18
Height 8
Weight 0.3
Color Green
HSN Code 90189012

  • Warranty : 6 Months Warranty ( Not Appliacable For Physical Damaged )
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The Dr. Care Dual Head Stethoscope is a versatile and reliable medical instrument designed for healthcare professionals, including doctors, medical students, and nurses. Its sleek design and vibrant green color make it both stylish and functional. This stethoscope features a single tube construction or enhanced durability and convenience.

The chest piece of the stethoscope is made of lightweight aluminum, contributing to its overall durability while ensuring optimal acoustic performance. The dual-head design offers versatility, with both a bell and a diaphragm for listening to different frequency sounds. The single diaphragm provides clear and accurate auscultation of high-frequency sounds, while the bell is suitable for low-frequency sounds.

The stethoscope is suitable for use with adult patients, making it a valuable tool for a variety of medical settings. Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional or a student in the medical field, the Dr. Care Dual Head Stethoscope is designed to meet your diagnostic needs with precision and clarity. Its user-friendly design and quality construction make it an essential instrument for any medical practitioner or student.

  • Light weight alluminium sand anodized chest piece.
  • High acoustic sensitivity.
  • PVC 'U' shaped tube, Soft sealing eartips .
  • Grey chrome plated 5mm headset comfortably angled. Grey chrome plated metal ring.
  • Classy and Stylish. Also sturdy and elegant at the same time. Must have for young professionals.
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